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Welcome to The American Academy Nicosia. Founded in 1922, The Academy has a rich history of providing quality education in a caring environment. At The Academy, we care for all our students and our highly dedicated and qualified teachers ensure that each one of our pupils reaches their full potential. I hope you find our website useful and informative but it is no substitute for a visit. Please arrange a visit with our Admissions Department and discover for yourself everything that The Academy has to offer.

Sincerely, Mr Alecos Katartzis, CEO
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The American Academy Nicosia is a private English Language school located in the heart of Nicosia. The Academy provides Pre-school & Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary level education following the British Curriculum. As a school certified by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus its curriculum also reflects local variations to ensure that it also provides students with the Cypriot Certificate of Education Apolytirion. The school operates as a non-profit organisation, ensuring maximum investment in educational development together with attractive levels of school fees.

• Provide students with a supportive learning environment enabling every student to develop their whole person and to achieve their maximum potential – intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

• Encourage each individual student to develop personal qualities which will make them responsible, thoughtful, and caring adults, within the context of a Christian ethos.

• Motivate the students to love and respect their fellow human beings, no matter the differences in their culture, ethnicity or religion.

Beliefs (Core Values)

• We believe the best way to prepare our students for university, future employment and as responsible global citizens is through an innovative, balanced, rigorous and relevant educational program.

• We believe each student is unique and will thrive in a flexible learning environment, in order to reach their maximum academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential.

• We believe in maintaining a disciplined environment where our students have the right to learn, in an atmosphere of security, safety, fairness, mutual respect, love and empathy.

• We believe in actively recruiting and retaining highly qualified professionals that are able to provide quality teaching using current practices and offer a high level of care towards our students.

• We believe that the involvement of parents and the wider school community is critical to the success of our students and the future of our school.

• We believe in developing in our students an attitude of learning and a keen understanding of the amazing world in which God has placed them.

Profile of a Graduate

At the American Academy Nicosia, we take pride in our educational movement. Our staff and leaders recognize that rote memorization will no longer serve our students as a standard alone method of teaching. We know the world that our students stand to inherit will have jobs that don’t yet exist, therefore, we understand that students need to learn to identify their skills to determine their ability to deal with life’s challenges, as it allows them to have a positive attitude towards problems and solve problems creatively. Learning new skills also increases confidence, self-esteem, and determination in the student.

Our teachers focus on skill development and student engagement. They do this by using schemes of work and resources that enhance the curriculum and wherever possible giving students responsibility over their own learning. Therefore, we focus on developing these seven skills: creativity, cultural competency, collaborative problem solving, critical thinking, ethical decision making, effective communication, and leadership skills.

A graduate of the American Academy Nicosia will be:


Our students will learn to think on their feet, approach problems and projects creatively, and be innovative beyond traditionally creative disciplines. They will learn adaptability.

A Critical Thinker

Our students will practice and hone critical thinking skills across all areas of learning. They will develop their ability to evaluate, synthesize, and apply their ideas to the modern world.

A Collaborative Problem Solver

Our students learn to work in groups and in pairs to solve problems, very early during their time at our school. They learn to build effective teams and draw on multiple skills and strengths to complete projects, embracing the idea that the collective mind is stronger than the individual mind.

Have Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is a skill that goes beyond an appreciation of other cultures. We take great pride that as a school we are able to interact and work with individuals from other cultures and listen to their experiences. We understand that in our world, cultural competency skills are essential for success.

An Ethical Decision Maker

Our school motto is Quality Education in a Caring Environment. We develop the student as a whole person; teaching them to make the right choices for themselves whilst considering others around them. We encourage our students to take responsibility for their actions, through discussion and pastoral support. We encourage our students to make good choices based on a wide spectrum of Christian principles.

An Effective Communicator (Written and Oral)

Effective communication is taught and encouraged throughout our curriculum. It begins with active listening, organized and articulate discussion, and continues with higher- level presentation skills and persuasive argument.

A Good Leader

Students learn to have responsibility over something beyond themselves and their self-interest. We do this by developing the skills required to listen, organize, and motivate each other. In Primary we have the Prefect Body and in Secondary we have the Student Council. The purpose of this is to develop a sense of pride and take part in leadership responsibilities that support a harmonious school environment.

The Academy’s aims are to  

Provide our students with an all-round, innovative quality education, through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, with a choice of subjects which will qualify them for entry into universities in Cyprus and abroad and a wide range of future employment opportunities.

Cultivate and support a learning environment that enables every student to achieve their maximum potential – intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Maintain a disciplined environment where students feel secure and happy and have love, respect and concern for others.

Promote high quality teaching by recruiting dedicated professionals who not only teach well, but also care for the children.

Work in partnership with parents and others from the wider school community.

Develop in the children an attitude of learning and a keen understanding of the amazing world in which God has placed them.

Today the school opens its doors to both girls and boys and has expanded to also provide education for Pre-school & Kindergarten and Primary aged children. Students from all over the world now make the Academy a truly International School. This multinational environment not only creates a stimulating atmosphere but it offers a broad range of global perspectives to its students.

Our Heritage

Opening - 1922

The American Academy Nicosia is a school which first opened its doors on October 16th, 1922. The founders, who had earlier started an Academy for boys, established the school in response to local demand for an English language school for girls; the American Academy for Girls.

Rapid Growth - 1927

School and Boarding House were originally in the West of the old city of Nicosia. Growth was quite rapid and by 1927 enrolment had reached 89 students.

Present Premises - 1955

Relocation to its present premises outside the city walls in 1955 provided more extensive grounds and larger buildings.

Coeducational -1977

In 1977, the school became coeducational and in the years that followed, there was an expansion in both its enrolment, its grounds and its buildings.

Early Years

In its early years, it was both a Boarding and a Day school. Thirteen students enrolled in its first year, two of them were boarding students. The teacher who headed up the work was Miss Lola Weir; with Miss Ada Wilson as her Assistant. Helen and Iphigenia Aegyptiades, refugees from Smyrna and former teachers at the American University there, joined the staff to teach Music and Home Economics.

Evacuation- 1941,1942

The school year 1941-1942 saw the Academy evacuated to Kyrenia, due to the fear of enemy action in World War II, with a return the following year.

Board Formation - 1976

In 1976, the school became independent from its founding mission with a board of Cypriot educationalists and other professionals set up to manage it.

Present Years

With a rich history stretching back almost 100 years we continue the work of our predecessors with the same enthusiasm and zeal offering quality education in a caring environment.